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Difference between intel i3 vs intel pentium

core i3 vs Pentium

In the world of CPUs, intel gives us a vast range of options like Celeron, Pentium, and Core i3.

But in the fight between Intel i3 vs Intel Pentium which is better, I would say that if you look generally then i3 Chips are clearly the winner but Pentium also has some competitive chips which can give i3 tough time .pentium and i3 both a a always have been neck to neck with each other.

core i3 vs Pentium
intel i3 vs intel Pentium

Because both are budget friendly and both are for light work I put these CPUs side by side i am pretty sure after reading articles there will not be doughts in your minds about Pentium Vs i3. So stay tuned with us



Pentium was first introduced in 1993. After its release, it quickly became famous because of its low cost and decent price.

These chips are lintels entry-level desktop computer chips. These CPUs have been around for decades and have gone through many iterations.

The chips are specially designed to target budget-friendly and low-end computers and laptops.
Back in the time, Pentium was a great option if you were looking for an affordable chip.
These chips are based on a 34-bit architecture which means they can handle only up to 4GB of memory and their speed range is 1.8GHZ to 3.2 GHZ. That’s why they consume less power which usually is 35W or higher.

Core i3

This chip was introduced a decade ago in 2010 by Intel. This launch was to give mid-range computers and laptops a proper balance of performance and cost.

The i3 is a powerful and efficient tool for computing. It offers incredible speed and performance making it an ideal choice for modern computer users Whether you need to crunch numbers or stream movies i3 has the power to do all those things.

These chips come with 64-bit architecture. not only that department i3 also smack in speed because its clock speed range is from 3GHZ to 4 GHZ which depends on the model. It’s pretty good speed which gives you the liberty to plenty of headroom of multitasking.

Not only that these Chips come with Intel’s new Turbo boost technology which can increase the clock speed automatically when needed by adjusting voltage and frequencies based on usage demands.

That is the reason for the i3 if you are looking for energy-efficient chips its combination of performance and energy efficiency plays an important role in making this CPU a popular choice today.

Intel i3 vs Intel Pentium

It’s crystal clear that i3 has an obvious lead on Pentium.
So let’s consider the most recent generations of these CPUS .10 generation CPU i3 offers four cores whereas the intel Pentium CPU offers 2 cores.

In short Pentium and i3 both have their cause and they are doing there well. Pentium is the best choice for those people who want to do basic computing like writing emails watching movies, and surfing the internet pentium is your gem.

But on the other hand, if Star uses the i3 series I am pretty sure you definitely will explore more It is more varied because now you are scratching the surface of performance-grade CPUs.These are intended for gamers and professionals on a budget.

Intel i3 vs Intel Pentium cost and benchmark

One of the biggest pros of the Pentium series is its price because it costs half of an Intel i3 CPU

Intel PentiumIntel Core i3
Current Flagship CPU (Desktop)Intel Pentium Gold G6600 (Q1 2021)Intel Core i3 10320 (Q2 2020)
Core Count24
Hyper-ThreadingYes (4 Threads)Yes (8 Threads)
Clock SpeedLower Clock SpeedHigher Clock Speed
Boost Clock SpeedNoneYes
CacheLower CacheHigher Cache
Light day-to-day work such as browsing, school work, writing reports, light casual gaming etc.

Light day-to-day work such as browsing, school work, writing reports, light casual gaming, etc.

The data above shows some flagship variants that have pretty good prices but they are not delivering performance at that level in simple words they are not value for money.
I would say always choose value based on models

Key Difference between Pentium and Core i3 processors

Integrated GPU

This feature provides the capability to display images, render 3D graphics, and stream videos without the need for a dedicated GPU. It’s a very useful feature.
The Pentium gold series comes with UHD Graphics 610,615, and 630 which support 4k graphics. But pentium silver CPUs use UHD 605, with a frequency of up to 900MHZ.
Core i3
Core i3 11 gen CPUs come with iGPU which are more advanced graphics capabilities with support of 4k graphics.

Lite gaming and everyday use integrated GPUs are a valuable addition to your Computer.


Ram is a very important thing in the system because it handles the running process and its size always affects your performance. but all CPUs do not support its increasing limit same level. some CPUs support huge amounts of sizes but some don’t
Pentium gold CPUs have a limited maximum memory size is 16GB to 128 GB depending on the motherboard most of these CPUS support DDR4 memory.
Core i3
This series also supports memory sizes from 16GB size to 128GB with compatibility of DDR4.


Thermal design power is a measure of the maximum amount of heat dissipated through the CPU. Lower TDP values are generally preferred, as they result in cooler and more efficient operation.
TDP for Pentium CPUs are typically raging from 35W to 58 w but few models have TDP of 5 -6W.
Core i3
Most variants have a TDP of 65W.


Overclocking is the term for increasing a component’s CPU to speed up its performance. Core i3 is not designed for overclocking while some Pentium CPUs may be overclocked…


Both CPUs are different in price, numbers, and of course compatibility with the operating system, upgradeability, and maximum clock speed.
But the main question is do you really want performance or just wanna save some bucks? Choose according to your needs. Because there is a lot of difference between need and want choose wisely. if this reading helps you then kindly give us your feedback. That would be very nice thanks. peace.

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