reset of ps vita

In the handheld gaming realm, PS VITA has a very prominent name.

It has a remote feature that allows gamers to stream PS 4 and PS 3 games via remote play.

Users can play up to 1300 games on this tiny device. It also has a touch screen.

But nowadays most of its owners are facing black screen issues.

In this article, I will tell you how to factory reset a PS vita.

This will be the step-by-step guide so stay tuned with us and read this article till the end.

Methods to factory reset a ps vita

There are two methods to reset your PS Vita

: Safe mode
: Through settings

Safe mode is very helpful usually when you forget your lock it’s an easy way to get out of that situation.

Before resting your PS vita you should use some method to avoid a factory reset. Because it may be the cause of your settings and data loss.

First, check your battery if it’s low then charge it.

The second may be its minor glitch turn off your PS Vita and then turn it on if you’re still facing a glitch then a factory reset is the only way and also it’s very effective if you’re PS Vita is frozen or stuck in one thing.

How to fix a Black screen(SAFE MODE)

When Your PS Vita’s screen is stuck and it does not show anything then this method is very useful and effective.

1: Turn off your PS Vita by pressing the power button.

reset of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

2: When your PS Vita is turned off press R+PS(play station button on the bottom left side)+ Power button at the same time for 5 seconds then the PS logo show on the screen move your hands from the buttons.

3: Then safe mode options will open up
Select the Restore This System option and click on this option.

reset of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

Tada now your PS Vita will be like as it first comes to your hands.

Through Settings

If you are selling your PS Vita then it’s very necessary to wipe your data before selling it.

Also if you have an SD card in your PS Vita then remove it before selling it and sell that separately. By using the settings factory reset you don’t need to turn off your PS vita.

These are the simple steps to perform that task.

1: First press the Home button to open the XMB main menu.

rest of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

2: Then select the setting icon.

3:Third scroll down to the end and select the Restore setting option.

reset of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

4: After that confirmation message will pop up to confirm your command select Restore.

rest of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

5: Again system will ask you to confirm your command and select Yes.

reset of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

(If your SD card is inserted then this message pops up otherwise your PS Vita will be restored.)

6:After that a pop-up message will show to confirm to format your SD card if you wanna delete your files then press yes otherwise No.

reset of ps vita
factory reset a ps vita

7:If click yes then a message will with format permission select it.

8: Ten select yes

Now your PS vita is fully Reset…

How to delete you’re account on PS Vita

To perform that task you have to perform some simple steps which are given below.

1: First open and log in to the account that you wanna delete.

2: After that a title with the name of “Devices ” will appear at the top of your page. click that title

3: On the following page on the left side of the display there is a list that reads “playstation system” Toggle that.

4: you will send to the accounts related gadgets. select the vita you wish to turn off by clicking.

5:Then select “Deactivate” and click it.

6: navigate to settings on vita.

7: “Restore Vita system ” may be selected by clicking Format. You decide whether to change the card or not

8: Configure the Vita for the account that you intend to use by restarting it.


I am pretty sure after this guide you will be free from problems related to PS Vita.
If you did not then write your problems and queries in the comment section and also please share with us your valuable feedback. That will help us to improve our mistakes. Thank you for reading.
Peace 😌

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