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Difference between k series and non-k processors in 2023?

What is the k series? What is the difference between k and non-k processors?

K series is Intel’s Most popular series right now and also the most expensive chip because it’s an unlocked processor if you are thinking about what is the K and what is difference between k and non-k processors or if you want to buy a new processor or you are interested in knowing the INTEL lineup then you are in the right place to stay tuned.

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First thing first if you heard the first time unlocked or over-clocking then don’t worry I will tell you all processors have their standard base speed so if a processor exceeds its base speed then your processor is in over-clocking condition

let’s take an example if your CPU’s base speed is 2.9Ghz when over-clock happens then it will be increased to a specific number like 3.0Ghz

k series
difference between k series and non k cpu

Introduction of Intel’s processors

Every intel processor has its own identity we can know them so the real question is how we can differentiate them.

for that purpose click on this PC properties when we check the properties of this PC there is a processor section from left to right first we see Brand Modifiers like i7 or i9 then after which number shows the first letter of that number of the left side is the generation of your processor after that numbers alphabet is your product line suffix.

the common alphabet uses are K,f,k f,u, and h, each alphabet has a different purpose

for example, k processors have unlocked processors used for high-end gaming and video editing,f processors are used for light tasks and daily use to tasks because it does not come with integrated GPU, and k f processor is an unlocked processor that Will do most of your high-end tasks but the dedicated graphic card must need

because it not have integrated graphic card,u processor are usually used in laptops because it is for light working and these are designed for power efficiency and light working,h processor is used for high-end tasks these chips have integrated graphic cards so daily and heavy tasks are not a big deal for h series. Except for k, all the processors are locked.

Introduction of k series

In the processor numbers, the word k is used to remember us as an over-clock chip series is the single lineup that can let you change the clock multiplier on a compatible motherboard. that means you can get more performance from it and push it harder.

First, make sure you have a suitable motherboard that is compatible with it or designed for that purpose.

You also need a good liquid cooling system because this process produces a lot of heat if you do not use the cooling system then there is a high chance that your motherboard will be burned due to the high temperature it creates.

If you are going to overclock your CPU then you must need to know your BIOS settings. Usually, people who buy the k series are tech geeks or nerds because they want to squeeze as much as they can out of their computers.

if you are not that type of guy then you shouldn’t think about k processors because it’s not for you.

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K vs non-k processors

Nonk processors are locked but k processors are unlocked for over-clocking that’s the big difference
A non-k processor can only be over-clocked by over-clocking its BCLK which is always tricky dangerous and impossible on many chipsets on the other hand any approved chipset may readily allow over-clocking of intel k processors

By default, intel core k processors are often faster than their non-k counterparts
Cpu coolers are not included with modern k chips but they are with no k processors.

Why should we buy a NON-K processor?

The k processors are very expensive so unless you anticipate doing any over-clocking shortly buy the non-k processors.

so if you want to save money. the CPU multiplier is unlocked for over-clocking according to the k since the unlocked makes over-clocking simple, I typically only suggest the k series processor to folks who intend to over-clock.


First, evaluate what you need and what you want because the need and want are two different things if you are a guy who works in an office and you spend most of your time on Microsoft Office then media playing then F and U processor is a good option for you

on the other hand if you are a hardcore gamer or video editor then k series must be number one on your consideration list and also if in future you have the plan to over-clock your CPU then k is best option .some people like to run the drug strip or they to run the quarter mile.

also, some like to run the benchmark it is worth it Let me know what’s your performance. so please come in the comment section.

FAQ (k series)

  • Q; What is the difference between Intel K and non-K CPUs?
  • A; Intel K processors are unlocked for overclocking whereas non-K processors are locked
  • Q; Should you buy a K or KF CPU?
  • A; If you don’t need an iGPU and want as much power as you can get (for a relatively reasonable amount of money), KF-series processors are definitely the way to go.
  • Q; Which is better K or KF in Intel?
  • A; both the “K” and “KF” variants offer the same level of speed and capabilities.
  • Q; Is i7 12700K better than KF?
  • A;7 12700K comes with built-in support for Intel UHD Graphics 770 onboard graphics. In comparison to that, the i7 12700KF does not have an integrated GPU.

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