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can we buy 7820hq in 2023


 If you are looking for a budget-friendly processor in 2023 with performance, then 7820HQ is a good option. if you are thinking can we buy 7820 HQ in 2023 then your search will end here. 

Intel’s 7820HQ is a reliable choice for beginners


Intel’s 7820HQ processor belongs to the 7th gen of Intel processors It was launched in 2017. It is a quad-core processor It was made for laptops and mobile workstations it sustains the balance between power and efficiency. Its base clock speed is 2.9ghz and its max turbo boost is 3.9ghz. 

Overview and Specification 

7820HQ processor has been enhanced with improvement It has a quad–core design with 8 threads which allows you to multitask and smoothly execution of apps. this processor builds on 14 nm architecture and it is optimized for a balance between power consumption and performance It also supports hyper-threading which enables each physical core to handle two threads at the same time .7820HQ is made for laptops and mobile workstations is why 7820HQ gives us the performance and energy efficiency .it has integrated intel HD Graphic 630 which give us decent graphic capabilities for multimedia and lite gaming. 

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Friendly applications 

Intel 7820 HQ processor continues to find various fields and applications but here are some applications and fields given below. 

Content creation  

If you are in 2023 and want to start professional video editing,3D modeling, and animation, then 7820HQ will be a good option. You can begin with flawless rendering. You can seamlessly edit your videos. DAVINCI RESOLVE and PREMIUM PRO run on this like a charm. 

Data scientists and scientific  

Usually, data scientists and engineers rely on robust processors to do complex tasks. 7820HQ with its increased performance accelerates these tasks .7820HQ will reduce processing time. 


 7820HQ is designed for laptops and mobile workstations. But in 2023 7820HQ will handle gaming very well when it comes to a dedicated graphic   Card its performance with gaming massively increased. 

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Games like GTA5, WITCHER3, and DOTA 2, run flawlessly on 7820HQ 

pros and cons

The intel 7820HQ has some benefits which are these;   


≥   7820HQ delivers exceptional performance demanding tasks ensuring smooth execution and efficient multitasking. ≥ High performance generates more heat. A cooling mechanism must be used to overcome the issue of heating. 
≥ Refinements in the manufacturing process contribute to enhanced power efficiency optimizing battery life for portable devices  ≥ Upgrading the 7820HQ may not be possible for all users. 
≥the integrated Intel HD graphic 630 provides improved graphic performance enabling a better multimedia experience. ≥ The integrated Intel HD graphic 630 provides improved graphic performance enabling a better multimedia experience. 


The price and availability of 7820HQ processor in 20023 may vary depending on the region  


The Intel 7820HQ processor continues to be reliable for high–performance computing in 2023 if you have a tight budget otherwise there are more high-end and expensive processors in the market which can give us more performance and efficiency just like the i9 13900k. 

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