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will nvidia overtake amd

If you think can Nvidia beat amd then you are in the right place. The Beatles between NVIDIA and AMD are now so close but both never be so close as it is now. Both Brands are putting some of the best GPUS on the market.

That’s why it’s so difficult to decide Whether Nvidia clear winner or an AMD.

So it all depends on your choice what you choose and what is against that on the table.
Except for personal choice, there are still a few things that make Nvidia superior.

But it’s a fact that AMD has done a lot in recent years. Here are some reasons why Nvidia still maintains a commanding lead over AMD for many years.


PERFORMANCE(can Nvidia beat amd)

will nvidia overtake amd
can nvidia beat amd in 2023

Nvidia and AMD are both well deserved to conquer the whole market. But when you try to compare both without any extra bells and whistles we will discuss that more in-depth later however there is one place where Nvidia is the true undisputed leader of pack the high end.

RTX 4090 is the graphics card to beat in this generation, and AMD isn’t even trying.AMD’s flagship RX 7900XTX is more of a competitor to NVIDIA ‘s RTX4080 and while it fears well against that card it doesn’t have an answer to Nvidia’s top GPU.

But it’s also a solid fact majority of the gamers don’t need an RTX4090,

so RX7900XTX could be a good choice for most of them. But we didn’t deny the fact that AMD has completely locked itself out of the most high-end segment of the GPU market.

Anyone who wants a more powerful GPU than RTX4080 and RX7900XTX will go with Nvidia because that level AMD didn’t have such options. And also the gap between RTX 4090 and RX 7900 XTX is huge.

AMD Radeon cards were never made to compete against Nvidia’s best GPUS at this point, AMD has nothing can do to close the gap not unless AMD has high-end chips hidden waiting to be released.

At this moment whoever wants the high-end GPU will Go to Nvidia. There are also rumors that AMD is also sitting ou the high-end race with its new next gen RDNA 4 graphics cards.

I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing because cards like RX7800XT show that AMD truly shines in the midrange sector where Nvidia is still lacking because of price rises.

Even though it might be good for AMD to target the mainstream segment. But it didn’t change the fact that if we just judge our cards on a performance basis then Nvidia is the clear winner.

Because the set bar is above the AMD. we don’t know when or where AMD reached that point.


will nvidia overtake amd
can nvidia beat amd in 2023

It won’t be right to compare Team Green and Team Red without discussing DLSS
and FSR.DLSS is Nvidia’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology.

Now it’s more special because of the DLSS 3 launch. Because in previous generations it was nice to have the DLSS feature but now the third-gen raises very high boundaries and those boundaries are still untouchable for AMD.

Also, DLSS 2 was better than AMD’s FSR(Fidelity FX Super Resolution) but it’s also a fact that it had its flaws.

The main denial of DLSS 2 was visual artifacts and overall low quality made it easy to skip.

On the other hand, DLSS 3 has a feature to generate an entire frame instead of just pixels and it offers a massive boost in frames per second (fps) in some of the demanding games which can move from unplayable to perfectly fine.

For budget-friendly GPUS it’s a game changer.on $600 RTX 4070 DLSS 3 method allowed it to hit 70+FPS in CYBERPUNK 2077 and that’s at 4k with ray tracing enabled.

On the other hand AMD’s second-best GPU the RX7900XT trails behind with 18 FPS alongside the rest of Nvidia’s product stack.

DLSS 3 is not a magic wand even though it’s not available in every game and you might choose to leave it off sometimes.

it can make certain titles feel a bit sluggish and it adds latency sometimes that’s Nvidia reflix can help with but not entirely fix.
After all of those issues, DLSS 3 is a still huge selling point for Nvidia.

it might as well be selling access to DLSS 3 instead of actual graphics cards because tech is so powerful but the GPUS themselves haven’t improved over the previous generations.

But AMD didn’t respond to DLSS for a long time.FSR 1.0 wasn’t a big success and FSR 2.0 was a major improvement. But After all that, it’s still not touching industry standards.FSR 3.0 is launched now after the year of its initial announcement,

we might see AMD Nvidia on more playing fields. But it’s also a fact that as soon AMD catches NVIDIA it gets far from team red with DLSS 3.5 with the new Ray Reconstruction feature.

Ray Tracing

Ray Tracing is another no-brainer when comparing AMD to Nvidia.AMD made great strides over the last couple of generations to overtake Nvidia after all those efforts Nvidia is still king of Ray Tracing especially at higher resolution.

New-gen GPU can’t handle Cyberpunk 2077 at its highest ray-tracing preset without some upscaling help. Now it’s clear that Nvidia is ahead here.

But on the other hand, the biggest issue is AMD didn’t change from one gen to the next.

Nvidia and AMD are a little closer when you move down the ladder to the RTX 4060 and RX 7600 because neither was made to handle ray tracing at ultra settings but both do the same job for it however Nvidia still shows a commanding lead

AI and Productivity

It’s not all about gaming consumer GPUs are also used for productivity including things like AI or machine learning (ML) workloads, content creation streaming, and 3D modeling.

With RTX 4090 Nvidia has an edge on the AI boom. Because if you’re doing powerful tasks on RTX 4090 it will work like a charm it an be worth its weight in gold.

Even though Nvidia has led AMD in several things. First Nvidia comes to the AI field before AMD which gives Nvidia a better position to deal with AMD.

Also, Navidia spent lots of money on software development and support for AI tasks across its product stack coming out with software like TensorRT, NCCL, and more.

Navidia ‘s extensive experience in AI has led to the dominance of its CUDA Platform and libraries like CUDNN widely used in deep learning frameworks.

This CUDA support is even integrated into applications like Blender, giving Nvidia an edge in AI and ML tasks


After all considerations, it’s a solid fact that Nvidia has led in many fields. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider AMD Because there are some areas where Nvidia has lead over AMD. Above all the facts justify the fact that can Nvidia beat amd

so choose according to your needs if you are a casual game and day-to-day work user then even AMD’s average GPU will great choice for you and the price you’re willing to pay for the performance you want.

FAQs(Can Nvidia beat amd)

  1. Which GPU is better for gaming, AMD or Nvidia?

The choice between AMD and Nvidia for gaming depends on your specific preferences and requirements.

Nvidia often leads in terms of raw performance and features like DLSS, but AMD offers competitive options with excellent value.

  1. What is DLSS, and why is it essential for gaming?

DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) is a technology developed by Nvidia to enhance gaming performance and visual quality by leveraging AI and machine learning. It can significantly boost frame rates and improve graphics quality in supported games.

  1. Does AMD have any advantages over Nvidia GPUs?

Yeah, AMD GPUs have their strengths, including VRAM capacity and competitive pricing. AMD’s GPUs can offer excellent value for gamers and content creators.

  1. Is ray tracing important for gaming?

Ray tracing enhances the realism and visual quality of games by simulating the behavior of light. While not essential, it provides a more immersive gaming experience in titles that support it.

  1. Which GPU is better for AI and machine learning tasks?

Nvidia GPUs are generally preferred for AI and machine learning due to their extensive software support, CUDA platform, and dedicated AI hardware, such as Tensor cores. However, AMD’s offerings are
improving in this area.

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